The Camp Lake Association is dedicated to protect, preserve, and improve the water quality of Camp Lake and the associated watershed and wetlands by:
  • Education of water quality, water safety, and riparian property owner rights.
    • Evaluation of data from the environmental consultant so that informed decisions can be made to protect and improve water quality.
    • Monitoring the Lake Management Program so that its activities maintain the quality of water safe for swimming and conducive to the renewal of fish resources.
    • Promotion of the Association membership drive and social events to unite the Camp Lake community.


      Camp Lake Association

      Camp Lake is a 150 acre lake located in Kent County Michigan, about 15 miles north of Grand Rapids.  The lake contains bass, pike, pan fish and is home to numerous wild water fowl in the summer months. There are approximately 150 homes on the lake, with 80% of the residents living year round.

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      Kent County Sheriff Dispatch Center 616-336-3113

      Upcoming  Events   

      Spring Annual Meeting
      April 26th Sunday 5pm
      Moose Lodge upstairs
      (voting for officers)

                                                                                         Flathead catfish caught by Jake Brown 5-17-13 
                                                                                      42.2 lbs, 43" long       

      Any questions/donations concerning the Helmer 4th of July Firework Show visit:

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